Innovator Japan INC.

株式会社イノベーター・ジャパン[Innovator Japan Inc.]は、日本発のビジネスデザインカンパニーです。マーケティング、デザイン、テクノロジーなど各専門分野のスキルを用いてビジネスの全体像を構想、有形・無形の各種メディアを通し、社会の中に新しい『社会経済的価値』を創出していきます。マーケティング、デザイン、テクノロジーのプロフェッショナルがチームを組み、問題の本質を見極め、変革に必要なベストのソリューションを提供しています。

Innovator Japan Inc. is a business design firm known for its human-centered, cross-disciplinary approach. We use our experience and skills of marketing, design, technology, and other specialized fields to envision a business as a whole, through tangible and intangible media, and create new "social economic value" in society. Our cross-disciplinary team works together to identify the nature of the problem and provide the best solution, focusing on digital transformation for our clients.

Our Philosophy|Human Well-being



Maximize human potential and realize society's well-being.



A business design company from Japan, where we collaborate with talents from all over the world.



Be yourself


Love, Chaos, Groove, Enjoy

Love, Chaos, Groove, Enjoy

Our DX Initiatives


Although business transformation through customer digital technology has made great progress over the past 20 years, we recognize that Japan, especially in regional areas, is lagging behind when compared to other countries. The need for human resources who can handle digital technology and take charge of business transformation is expected to increase further in the future. However, the current human resource development has not kept pace, and it is expected that more and more companies will face the risk of not only business transformation but also business continuity due to the shortage of human resources.



By integrating digital technology, design, and communication into our clients' businesses, we aim to be a leader in business transformation.



Innovator Japan Inc. aims to become Japan's leading change-creating company by the end of FY2025. First, we will aim to create the largest business information platform in Japan by digitizing all Japanese trade newspapers/magazines in order to bring change to the Japanese publishing industry. By executing these strategies, we will contribute to the enhancement of corporate value through DX.



We recognize that digital technology is something that all business people, regardless of job title, should master. Based on this recognition, we will assign dedicated teams for digital technology, design, and communication, with the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) taking the lead in digital technology and promoting the introduction of new technologies and research and development.