Project 実績・事例

Business Design Company

Business Design ビジネスデザイン

The application of Business Design goes beyond ppt slides. It explores and employs the skills from many specialized fields such as marketing, design and technology to envision the “fool-proof” blueprint of the business, and through the various tangible and intangible media, create a new “society economic value” for competitive advantage.
The service is at your service to assemble various factors such as ease of use, satisfaction, reliability, and efficiency to improve, and to create the optimal user experience in various areas such as environmental design, communication design, and product design.



Collaboration With Denmark Partnership KAOSPILOT

デンマークのビジネスデザインスクールKAOSPILOT:カオスパイロット01 デンマークのビジネスデザインスクールKAOSPILOT:カオスパイロット02

Collaboration With Denmark

In cooperation with the Danish business design school KAOSPILOT, we organize workshops to educate young designers about design-thinking and accept internships from Denmark as well. Being nominated as the “innovative Company” by the prestigious Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gives us the opportunity to expand our business in Denmark and Northern Europe.



The [KAOSPILOT], opened in 1996 in Denmark’s second largest city, Arhus. It is a well-known business design school pioneering leadership and entrepreneurship education in Denmark. A small number of around 30 students, includes pupils from various backgrounds such as creators and models are engaged in a unique education system. It teaches theory and allows the young designers to participate in field work and workshops. Their success speaks from themselves as it was awarded the best design school in the world by Business Week in 2008.

デンマーク国内でもリーダーシップと起業家養成教育のパイオニアとして名高いビジネスデザインスクール、[KAOSPILOT:カオスパイロット]は、1996年にデンマーク第2の都市オーフスに開学した。1学年30人前後の少数精鋭で、クリエイターやモデルなど様々なバックグラウンドをもった生徒が在籍し、フィールドワークや絵を使ったワークショップなど、理論と実践を用いたユニークな教育を行っていることが特徴。Business weekでは2008年に世界のベストデザインスクールとして紹介されている。

Tokyo|Head Office オフィス


Space|Raw Material

Inspired from mother nature, ‘Raw Material’ is the concept language for the Tokyo office with a viewpoint of using the texture of the material close to nature. Natural materials and ground materials were regarded as raw materials, and raw in itself is expressed as a feeling of purity. It is an environment in which nature can be felt in its element, helping employees to create more flexible and vivid ideas. The office environment is close to nature, and design that incorporates flowers, greenery, water and everything that brings a natural flow to creativity.

オフィスのコンセプトとして、自然に近く素材の質感を大事にしたいという観点から[Raw material “ローマテリアル”]というキーワードを打ち出し、自然素材や下地素材を[仕上がっていない生の素材]と捉え、生の素材感を感じられることで表現した。自然が身近に感じられる環境の方がより柔軟で豊かな発想を生み出せるのでは、との想いから、有機的なもの、自然に近い環境、花や緑、水を取り入れたデザインとし、水音とグリーンの作り出す環境がクリエイティブな発想を生み出す。