“Monthly General Affairs Online" is a platform that provides a variety of services as an owned media for general affairs departments, focusing on providing practical information and useful information for organizational management. It provides not only contents that support the work of general affairs and human resources personnel, such as seasonal information, glossary, expert columns, etc., but also downloadable forms and documents, and videos of seminars and dialogues.





Bang & Olufsen Online Store|Bang & Olufsen

Creation of minimalistic, beautiful design and intuitive user experience

A Danish brand that attracts audiophiles with innovative technology and beautiful designs. A global brand of audio and visual products launched by two people in the town of Struer in the northwestern part of Denmark in 1925, under the brand name Bang & Olufsen. We created the Bang & Olufsen Japan Online Store.

バング&オルフセン オンラインストア|バング&オルフセン



バング&オルフセン サイトキャプチャ01
バング&オルフセン サイトキャプチャ02
バング&オルフセン サイトキャプチャ03
バング&オルフセン サイトキャプチャ04

Scary Beauty|Android Opera

An Android Conducts a Human Orchestra and Sings with them

July 22, 2018 an Android Opera “Scary Beauty” was performed in Miraikan as a public program in ALIFE 2018[international conference of artificial life research]. A humanoid android with AI “The Alter 2” conducted a human orchestra consisted of 30 members and sung with them. The android led the tempo and the volume of music in the performance, and only Human could follow it.



2018年7月22日、AI[人工知能]を搭載したアンドロイドオルタ2[Alter2]が30名に及ぶ人間のオーケストラを指揮し、それを伴奏に自ら歌う[Android Opera “Scary Beauty”]のプロジェクトに協力会社としてサポートをしました。世界の人工生命研究者が集うALIFE 2018[人工生命国際学会]のパブリックプログラムとして日本科学未来館で発表されました。

スケアリー・ビューティ イメージ01
スケアリー・ビューティ イメージ02
スケアリー・ビューティ イメージ03
スケアリー・ビューティ イメージ04
スケアリー・ビューティ イメージ05
スケアリー・ビューティ イメージ06

C Channel

Video Media [C CHANNEL] that satisfies girls' curiosities

C CHANNEL is based on the concept of "videos that satisfy girls' curiosities". Theme are focusing on "How To" contents such as hair arrangement, makeup, and cooking etc.We created "Fashion Video Magazine for Women" which has been globally distributed via Owned media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

C Channel

女子の知りたいを動画で解決するメディア[ C CHANNEL ]

C CHANNELは、"女子の知りたい"を動画で解決をコンセプトにしています。ヘアアレンジ、メイク、料理などの女性のHow Toコンテンツを中心とした様々な動画を、自社メディアの他、Facebook、Twitter、Instagram、YouTubeを通じてグローバルに配信を行っています。イノベーター・ジャパンでは[女性のためのファッション動画マガジン]の作成をおこないました。

C Channelロゴ
C Channelイメージ01
C Channelイメージ02
C Channelイメージ03
C Channelイメージ04

Sendenkaigi Digital Transformation Project

Innovator Japan led entire transformation project.

Digital transformation project for Comprehensive 'Think Tank' of Marketing Communication "Sendenkaigi [that means Advertisement Conference]". Sendenkaigi has been the leading publisher of marketing communications magazines, books and the pioneering educator in the industry.




宣伝会議 運用メディアイメージ01
宣伝会議 運用メディアイメージ02
宣伝会議 運用メディアイメージ03
宣伝会議 運用メディアイメージ04

Collaboration with Denmark Partnership KAOSPILOT カオスパイロットとの連携

デンマークのビジネスデザインスクール KAOSPILOT:カオスパイロット01 デンマークのビジネスデザインスクール KAOSPILOT:カオスパイロット02

Collaboration with Denmark

In cooperation with the Danish business design school KAOSPILOT, we organize workshops to educate young designers about design-thinking and accept internships from Denmark as well. Being nominated as the “innovative Company” by the prestigious Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gives us the opportunity to expand our business in Denmark and Northern Europe.



The [KAOSPILOT], opened in 1996 in Denmark’s second largest city, Arhus. It is a well-known business design school pioneering leadership and entrepreneurship education in Denmark. A small number of around 30 students, includes pupils from various backgrounds such as creators and models are engaged in a unique education system. It teaches theory and allows the young designers to participate in field work and workshops. Their success speaks from themselves as it was awarded the best design school in the world by Business Week in 2008.

デンマーク国内でもリーダーシップと起業家養成教育のパイオニアとして名高いビジネスデザインスクール、[KAOSPILOT:カオスパイロット]は、1996年にデンマーク第2の都市オーフスに開学しました。1学年30人前後の少数精鋭で、クリエイターやモデルなど様々なバックグラウンドをもった生徒が在籍し、フィールドワークや絵を使ったワークショップなど、理論と実践を用いたユニークな教育を行っていることが特徴です。『Business week』では2008年に世界のベストデザインスクールとして紹介されています。

Inno CAFE 公開イベント

Inno CAFEの様子


Look closely, ideas can come from anywhere. Inno CAFE allows a group of strangers to gather and converse in an environment that is not related to the everyday social life. Ideas and collaborations are born from such an organized chaotic space, it simply becomes a catalyst for innovation. Exploiting a concept like this, we hold public events at work every month.


&donuts Project 多様な働き方


&donuts Project

Based on the brand concept “Connecting circles of people, places, goods and things in areas of living”, the project generates sustainable ways of working near home in suburban areas. The project offers the platform of various ways of working for highly potential people to start new careers or to continue developing their careers even if they have any restrictions to work due to, for example, their family reason. The project works on promoting the integration of work and life by creating the office where members can bring their children. Making each of its offices as a hub for the community, &donuts project continue to work on solving problems and creating value by connecting people, places, goods and things through innovations.