Business Design|Service

Business Design

The application of Business Design goes beyond ppt slides. It explores and employs the skills from many specialized fields such as marketing, design and technology to envision the “fool-proof” blueprint of the business, and through the various tangible and intangible media, create a new “society economic value” for competitive advantage.



The service is at your service to assemble various factors such as ease of use, satisfaction, reliability, and efficiency to improve, and to create the optimal user experience in various areas such as environmental design, communication design, and product design.


1. User-Centered

Here, services are measured and adapted from the standpoint of customers [users], gaining true insights and exploring indigenous concepts.


2. Co-Creation

Generate ideas from mixed groups of stakeholders and use various tools to give the best results.


3. Continuity of Interaction

By connecting multiple relevant interactions, create a continuous flow of problem-solving.


4. Visualize

It’s hard to predict the future but easier to visualize it. With the help of tangible physical elements the unshaped and untouchable services are visualized with a plan of action.


5. Holistic [ General ] View

The ultimate view is to grow under the guidance of the entire environment surrounding services.



  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Service
  • Brand
  • Management
  • Value Chain
  • Promotion
  • Communication

Design the components of the unconventional values needed for social problem solving and regional creation, corporate management and business strategy, concept development, branding, promotion, communication, social construction and business organization.



  • Context
  • CI/BI/VI
  • UI
  • Experimental
  • Graphic
  • Product
  • Space
  • Architecture

Understand the value and quality of relationships between people, people and things, people and companies, and companies & companies, and get real insights to embody the essence. Considering a wide range of details, designers shape these insights and integrate them into various user experience.



  • AI
  • IoT
  • Big Data
  • Information
  • Software
  • Product
  • Communication
  • Experience

Create new experiences and values to solve social and corporate issues, and improve daily lives of people, while focusing on building various technologies such as WEB, big data, cloud, digital art, and AI.


Our Owned Service

In the jungle of global business services, we are developing effective web services for the world, inspired from the ever-growing market of Japan. The common concept is to provide a platform where people from around the world can participate and utilize their talents to develop services, together as a team.


tenpu Service

tenpu is a file transfer service for the people who take ‘downloading and transferring large files’ very seriously. It eliminates annoying advertisements and keeps the communication simple. It enables the user to transfer and download a large file without any hiccups.


MEDIA DX Service

MEDIA DX is a comprehensive digital solution service for media business company. Based on our accumulated knowledge on the media business environment, we provide full range of supports from planning sustainable business model to media operation to realize Digital transformation.

MEDIA DXは、メディア事業者様向けの総合的なデジタルソリューションサービスです。これまでメディアビジネスで培ったナレッジをもとに、持続可能なビジネスモデルの構築からDX(デジタルトランスフォーメーション)、メディアの運用から成長までをワンストップで支援します。

CMS/EC package for N-Gen Web Magazine Service (in closed beta test)

This new application leads greater effiency for middle/huge class web media that managed by many teams and members, like writers, editors, web-teams, also ad-clients. Member registration, Shopping cart, Some types of Paywall... modern web media functions are included.