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Tokyo station start self 2

ROad trip on a cycle has become a yearly ritual. After completing Tokyo to Kyoto cycling trip in 2020, I couldn't stop myself this year to again be on the amazing roads of Japan, taking me to places and experiencing the beautiful landscape and beauty of nature Japan has to offer. 

So this year we took our cycles, along with my partner to Karuizawa. Our intial plan was to start cycling from Tokyo over a two day trip till Karuizawa. However, the unpredictable weather didn't allow us to leave on the initial day. So we made a spontaneous plan to leave on the next day.

Tokyo station start

On left on the 19th of Spetember on a sunday morning from Tokyo station and took the Shinkansen to Karuizawa, packing our two cycles in a bag. I love this about Japan, the access to places is just effortless. Shinkansen train from Tokyo to Karuizawa takes only 1.5 hour. 

Day 1 at Karuiza 

We cycled aound the town and found some really nice cafes with vintage interios. Few of he images from that are shown below. 

Cade 1st day exterior

Cafe 1st day

Cafe 1st day indoor

cafe 1st day interior

Day 2 Karuizawa

Started our day at the hotel and found this super interesting cafe int he woods, which was one of most unique cafe. The cafe owner had created a unique experience in the backyard garden by creating wooden minitature of people and for visitors to find them by a set of binoculars. 

2nd day start hotel

2nd Day morning

2nd day Cafe

2nd day cafe garden

2nd day cafe owner activity

2nd day cafe decor

2nd day cafe breakfast

Part 1 - return by cycle till Honjo

We cyled from Karuizawa from Honjo (Saitama) for about 70km, which took around roughly 5 hours, with multiple pit spots and resting. 

mid day stop return

Part 2 - return to Tokyo 

Last part of the trip was again simple, since we found a direct train from Honjo to Tokyo and we made it to Shinjuku in 2 hours. 

I feel cycling in Japan is such a wonderful activty and I feel everyone should try exploring this beautifuk country on two wheels. Until next year..

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