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Owned Media

Designing media that attracts users.

In recent years, due to the direct relationship with customers, the need for owned media marketing is increasing as a tool to spread the information with less cost than advertising.

In Innovator Japan, we provide the marketing platform that attract a wide range of users. We propose owned media marketing plan consist of story strategy that attracts customers and branding that builds fans.

Through the experiences and the know-how we have with launching large web media, such as the use of SNS and content planning, we are able to support business that has never managed web media before.

In additions, we are able to provide consultation for essential sections of media as followings.

  • planning of media concept
  • user analysis and story strategy
  • branding of media
  • managing of cost effective system
  • SEO strategy
We are able to support the essential part of your media service, such as planning of concept, managing cost effective system and so on.

Branding & Creative Service

Designing brand to maximize its value.

In order to expand customers, certainly you need to have a good product. However, creating a consistent image and identity for the brand is also important.

By building a brand that shows its true value, it not only will increase the customers' interests and likability, but also enhance the motivation in the organization.

We execute branding and promotion strategy with creativity, such as building web services and websites, designing graphics and actual stores...etc.

We build teams of specialists, including art directors, graphic designers, photographers and engineers, in order to maximize the potential of each project.

By not only focusing on the present but also envisioning the development of the future, We propose branding strategy that is able to grow.

Infrastructure Consulting Service

Designing system that supports performance.

In order to enhance performance, we provide infrastructure consulting service, covering infrastructure of office network, server setup, and system cost-effective analysis.

We choose the best tools that meet the client's need out of a wide variety of selections and propose customized strategy suited for client's wish and budget.

Additional to infrastructure consulting, we are also able to support issues such as system managing, strategy on security, and system installing and setup.

We design the foundation for innovation.