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In our global business, we aim to make a variety of web services from Japan to the world. The shared concept for those services is "creating a platform which allows individuals to expand their talents." We plan and develop services base on crowd-sourcing.

tenpu is an easy file transfer service.

With beautiful, ad-free display, it is a file transfer service that makes the process stress-free.

Anyone can send a maximum of 2GB files for free.

By using tenpu, you don't just send files, you send the joy and excitement along with.

screenshot of tenpu

totta is a photo community service for taking photos or asking for photos of specific topics. There must be a photo or a topic just for you.


Let's post photos!

By taking a new photo or searching an old photo for the chosen topic, your photos might make someone's day. Everyone's dream comes true with the smart phones people carry daily.


What kind of photos you would like to see?

Have you ever wondered what happened to the place of memories now? Don't you want to see cherry blossom across Japan? Even if you are not able to be there, with other's help, you might just get your wish come true. Put out a topic for photos you would like to see!

screenshot of totta

When traveling to Japan, instead of going to regular tourist spots recommended by guide books, don't you want to have your own experience? "anaba," means the unexplored fun places in Japanese. In anaba, we introduce places only known by the locals to foreign travelers. By swapping photos, you are able to find interesting anaba which takes you to a real Japanese experience.

screenshot of anaba